Welcome to Caversham Park Theatre. 

An Amateur Drama Group based in Reading, Berkshire.



Details of our Christmas Panto coming soon.

In the meantime..... 


Amateur Dramatics - a poem by Roger Utting


Seats once empty now have ears and eyes,

Keen to witness our honest lies

The chatter stops, silence falls

Two hours to go til our curtain calls


Have I got my props? Do I know my lines?

I should do - read through them a hundred times.

We’ve worked and practiced, planned and rehearsed

It’s all in my head which feels fit to burst


My make up’s on, my costume right

I feel the nerves of opening night.

Step into the light and I’m on my way.

What the hell was the first thing I say?


First speech out and I’m feeling good

I think I said all the lines I should

But where are we now? We must have skipped

Thank heaven the audience don’t have a script


End of scene and I get a break

The next one will go without mistake

A Quick read through of my upcoming  bit

I hear my cue, and I’m ready for it.


Scene by scene, line by line

An exhilarating way to spend your time

The audience applauds, it feels so ecstatic.

We might be amateurs, but we’re certainly dramatic.



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