A tongue in cheek novel by Stella Gibbons adapted by Paul Doust and made even more absurd !


Aunt Ada rules the Starkadder household. This is because, as a child, she saw something nasty in the woodshed and has been dining out on it ever since. Aunt Ada... likes chaos and argument, high emotion and bitter feuding. 


Recently orphaned niece Flora Poste likes none of these things, she likes all to be neat and tidy about her. So when she comes to live with the Starkadders something has to give. 


This adaptation of the classic comic novel gives us sex, religion and tricycles as well as Hollywood producers, three legged cows and scranlets. Will Ada or Flora triumph? Will Rennet stop leaping down the well? Will Urk get his evil way with Elfine? 


Sounds absurd? You’d think so. 


Dreadful rural accents, over the top caricatures of country folk, bizarre plants, the ‘Quivering Brethren’, lusty Seth and so much more that defies description. 


Just come and see it!

Performed in May 2011 at The Milestone Centre










































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