December 13th-15th 2018




By Bob Sturgess


Dick Wittington wouldn’t be the same without Boots the cat. Boots wouldn’t be the same without fleas and an interlopperder. A what? I hear you ask. Maybe you should ask Captain Kirk. Better still, ask Spock. Boots has a definite case of ear envy in that direction.

Confused? It’s simple really. Dick and his disreputable cat have just about given up on making their fortune but get one last chance. For some reason best known to the author they end up in Egypt. Despite Three wise men and Lez the Fez, all does not go well. Pursued by the vengeful Watchman, they vanish as if in to thin air, to go boldly where no panto character has gone before (hint, hint!) As expected, Dick wins the day – with a great deal of help, and a cup of tea.

This highly original but classic panto should keep kids of all ages and decades, entertained, bemused and enchanted in equal measure, but watch out. IT’S BEHIND YOU!

Thursday 13th and Friday 14th December at 8pm

Saturday 15th December at 2pm and 7pm


Book online here

or phone the box office on 01189 481 377







































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